venerdì 23 novembre 2007

Free Download: LED ZEPPELIN - Londra 1975

Un superbo soundboard quadruplo CD degli Zeppelin, catturati live all'Earl's Court Arena nel 1975, precisamente il 24 Maggio.

Disc 1
Track 101
Intro by Nicky Horne (2.1MB)
Track 102
Rock And Roll (5.7MB)
Track 103
Sick Again (9.4MB)
Track 104
Over The Hills And Far Away (11.3MB)
Track 105
In My Time Of Dying (17.2MB)
Track 106
The Song Remains The Same (7.7MB)
Track 107
The Rain Song (12.9MB)
Track 108
Kashmir (15.5MB)
Disc 2
Track 201
No Quarter (33MB)
Track 202
Tangerine (7.1MB)
Track 203
Going To California (8.3MB) [This track is an audience recording. No soundboard recording of this song from this show has surfaced.]
Track 204
That's The Way (12.2MB)
Track 205
Bron-yr-Aur Stomp (11.2MB)
Disc 3
Track 301
Trampled Underfoot (14.0MB)
Track 302
Moby Dick (40.4MB)
Track 303
Dazed And Confused (47.1MB)
Disc 4
Track 401
Stairway To Heaven (19.6MB)
Track 402
Whole Lotta Love (9.1MB)
Track 403
Black Dog (10.1MB)

Lineup (ma è il caso di indicarlo?!?):
Robert Plant
Jimmy Page
John Paul Jones
John Bonham

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