mercoledì 20 febbraio 2013

Free Download: JAMES TAYLOR, Israele 1987

Un'ottima registrazione broadcast, realizzata nel 1987 durante un concerto israeliano di James Taylor a Rishon Letzion, vicino a Tel-Aviv.

Track 01. First Day of May (7.4MB)
Track 02. Carolina In My Mind (8.3MB)
Track 03. Handy Man (5.9MB)
Track 04. Your Smiling Face (4.7MB)
Track 05. Fire and Rain (8.5MB)
Track 06. Up On The Roof (7.2MB)
Track 07. Shower The People (9.9MB)
Track 08. Don’t Let me Be Lonely Tonight (5.3MB)
Track 09. Lighthouse (6.9MB)
Track 10. Country Road (8.3MB)
Track 11. The Twist (4.0MB)
Track 12. “Happy Birthday Claude”/Band Intro (7.7MB)
Track 13. Steamroller Blues (10.5MB)
Track 14. Sweet Potato Pie (6.2MB)
Track 15. Never Die Young (7.7MB)
Track 16. Love Has Brought Me Around (6.0MB)
Track 17. I Will Follow (6.4MB)

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